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Join me at my new website

My new Holly Hinton website is now up and running, so this blog will be moving over to join it.

You can still subscribe to get notified of all my latest posts as well as sign up for my weekly inspiration emails and see what else I have to offer.

I hope you will join me as I will slowly be moving all of my blogging over to my site too.

H x


Sometimes a nudge is all we need

I design my own website.  Not because I’m a website designer, but because it means I have control over what goes on it and I can keep the costs way down!  But lately I’ve been looking at some of the websites that I admire the most and wished mine looked more like theirs.  I also wanted my blog to look like it was part of my website and not just an add on.

So, I took the plunge and called a web design company.  I spoke to a really nice helpful guy who explained my options and came up with a price.  I knew it would be more than I was paying (about £60 a year!) but when I realised that the price would not include my shop or monthly hosting it made me wonder whether I could have a go myself. Continue reading