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The 5 ‘B’s of Creating a Business with Soul

If you work for yourself, or want to, a huge part of creating a business that you love is to make sure that it mirrors how you feel on the inside, instead of being a copy of what is already ‘out there’ being done by others. Here are my five steps to creating and running a business with soul:

1. Find your BUZZ

THE fundamental part of running a business that you are passionate about is finding your buzz – that thing that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning. Something that makes you excited and often doesn’t feel like work. If you have no idea what this is, then you can start by thinking about any recurring themes throughout your working life, or that you are drawn to in hobbies. You can also ask your family and friends to tell you what they think your best qualities are – this really does work and may give you an insight into your talents that you hadn’t even thought about before.  You could also try some online tests like those available at Strength Finder and 16 Personalities. Whatever you do, take note of your buzz and create your business to incorporate it.


You are going to have to wear your big girl or big boy pants for this one! Being brave about what YOU want to do in your business can actually be pretty tough, especially if you want to do things differently. Everyone will have an opinion about what you ‘should’ do, why your new business may fail or why you should do it their way – being brave is important if you are going to stand up and follow through on your own plans even when family and friends think it unwise. Surrounding yourself with people who inspire you is a great way to help you stay strong in the face of skepticism.

3. BE Yourself

According to Marie Forleo, everyone has a UAP – “Unique Awesomeness Potential”! No matter what industry you work in, there are bound to be other people doing something similar to you, but as there is only one you, your business will take on your individual personality and flavour and be something unique. Use your awesomeness to create a business that really feels right for you and brings you the success you want. People buy from people and if they like you then they will stay and you will start to build a loyal customer base.

4. BELIEVE in it

Believe in your business and in yourself and others will start to believe in you too. How much you love what you are doing comes across when you talk about your business. If you hate what you do your customers will see right through you, and likewise you will almost shine if you love it. Everything is energy and believing in your business is the only way to send out positive vibes about what you are doing and also to keep your motivation going when things are less than ideal.

5. Nurture your BUBBLE

Image from The F**k It Way: https://www.facebook.com/thefkitlife

Image from The F**k It Way: https://www.facebook.com/thefkitlife

Although you are now well on the way, protecting your business (and you) from those who would wish you to fail is probably the most important part of creating a business with soul. You’ve done all the hard work setting up your business but are seldom taught how to energetically protect it or yourself. The simplest and easiest way to do this is to start every day by visualising a huge bubble of light surrounding you (and your business too if you like). Its purpose is to act as a filter to stop negative energy getting to you whilst still allowing the positive energy of well-meant advice and inspiration to reach you.

This post was inspired by my recent WiRE Network talk “Creating a Business with Soul” and is an introduction to the work I offer my clients through workshops and 1:1 mentoring sessions to find their soul purpose and create a business that nurtures them.


Stop Complaining, Start Creating

If you have been a reader of my blog for any length of time, you will know that I am most definitely a ‘glass is always full’ (coz there’s air in there too) type of person. Except when it’s wine and I always like a bit more of that! Even when I don’t have all of my shit together, I still prefer to focus on the good stuff rather than wasting energy on the bad stuff.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to decide whether I should sign up for Marie Forleo’s B-School this year. I have looked at it for the past 2 years and it just didn’t feel like the right time but this year, as I am also a Licensee of The Desire Map program by Danielle LaPorte and her bonuses are ENORMOUS it just seems ludicrous for me NOT to. Don’t get me wrong here – I don’t just have the money sitting around so this decision is BIG and means I will have to make some important choices to make this happen.

My gut instinct and intuition are telling me to go for it, but I have been doing a bit of research to back those feelings up. Whoa! Talk about opening a can of worms! Those who have done B-School and seen their businesses grow are glowing in their reports of the programme and are happy to share how they enjoyed it and the real advantages of doing the work. However, those who have signed up and either not done the work or not seen their business take off are really, really bitter and their complaints are extremely personal. They also seem to be joined by other people, who as far as I can tell haven’t even done the programme but are still happy to dig and complain about the cost, lack of content, Marie’s personality and even her wardrobe choices.

Now I’m not going to share where I found all the negative stuff (you can Google it easily enough) but what I am going to do is say this: STOP COMPLAINING & START CREATING!

stop comparing start creating

Time for my rant…

Maybe we won’t all be the next big thing online, but you sure as hell can’t be if all you do is post negative comments and moan about how crap everything is and how the world is against you. Try using some of that energy on developing yourself instead of hurling abuse at someone else just because they are making it happen.

Me? I prefer to think of my investment as an investment in my future. I’ve already learnt a HEAP of new stuff just watching Marie’s free videos so I know I am going to get something out of the programme. And hey, if I don’t then it will be MY problem and not hers. Seriously, if you want to go after your dreams you have to stop comparing yourself to others and seeing yourself as a victim. That is easier said than done sometimes and takes a shift in your own way of thinking and a realisation that the only person responsible for your life is YOU.

Is life always going to be easy? No. Are things always going to go your way? Maybe not. Can you be positive even when you’re being tested to your limits? YES!

Rant over!

Now, I want to leave you with something positive in my usual upbeat fashion…

Just remember that at the most fundamental level we are all just energy, and as my amazing crystal teacher always used to tell us “where thought goes, energy goes”. If you make a daily effort to be grateful for what you already have and focus on the positives in your life (no matter how small), you will attract more of the same – you really are the creator of your own reality!

Oh, and am I doing B-School this year? Hell yeah – I can’t wait!

H x