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Spring Flowers and Nurturing Talent

SpringblossomYou can cut all the flowers, but you cannot stop the Spring from coming. ~ Pablo Neruda

I love this image my 7 year old took yesterday so much that I added a quotation to it and have shared it EVERYWHERE!

He has such a great eye for composition already and is getting more interested in photography every day. Maybe that’s because I encourage him by paying him for any image of his I use!

Spring is here and nurturing the talents of my children is something that I am always proud to do…

What (or who) are you nurturing?


On Positive Thoughts

Positive thoughts

Every single positive thought has the power to undo hundreds of negative ones if you just let it.

~ Holly Hinton

All too often we let our negative thoughts outweigh the positive ones and these then create our reality. Try believing the positive ones for a change and you’ll soon discover that the world isn’t such a bad place after all and that you can create an amazing life.

Weekly Words – Friendship

I am truly blessed to have some pretty amazing friends – some live close by and we see each other all the time and some live on the other side of the world and we catch up via social media – but all of them enrich my life in different ways.

This week I wanted to remind you how very special it is to have friends you can turn to when you need them most, especially if like me your family doesn’t live around the corner (or, perhaps even more so if they do!). And also how important it is to be a good friend – you never know how much if can mean just to have someone listen to you…

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