Why you need a Desk Altar

Whether you work for yourself from a home office, or for an employer in an open plan space with lots of colleagues, or any environment in between, making room for some special items is a great way to improve your space.

Working from home makes it easy for me to have all of the things that I need on hand to create my very own Desk Altar and it is one of the tasks that I look forward to every Monday morning.

I spend the first few minutes of my working week arranging my altar – adding crystals that I am drawn to for the coming week as well as a bunch of fresh flowers (desk roses are a must in my office!) and drawing a card (or two) to guide me. My altar this week also includes my gorgeous fairy crystal and my NYRO Energy remedy.

Desk Altar


Your altar can include any items that you are drawn to – ornaments, photos, crystals, jewellery or even images reminding you of an upcoming holiday. The idea is simply that you spend a few minutes creating a small space and dedicating it to help you during the week. I also burn some incense in my office, but you might not get away with that if you work for someone else!

How does it help?

Many of us spend most of our working lives sat in one place, so making that one space somewhere that makes you feel good is extremely important. You may not be able to change your location, your job or even your desk, but you can add a few items to make that space more appealing and to remind you why you are working there in the first place.

By changing the items on you altar every week you also form a habit of looking forward to the week ahead and this can help you to face any challenges or deadlines that you may have looming – as well as making Monday morning a less dreaded affair! Taking some items from home with you each Monday can start the day with a positive vibe. I also find that it helps me keep on top of my admin and cleaning my office as I want the whole place to look as good as my little altar!

Why not give it a go for a couple of weeks and see what difference it makes to your working life. And if you already have a Desk Altar I would love to see some pictures & hear how it helps you too…


3 thoughts on “Why you need a Desk Altar

  1. Sue Jones (FAPA) (@SueCoVPA)

    I have desk roses, too! (Good ole Tesco!) Crystals and a Feng Shui money frog are also a desktop staple. I’ve always been one for personal items on my desk, but the added advantage of working from home, is being able to light a candle and some incense. Bliss 🙂

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