Why I love WiRE

WiRE Logo MasterI simply love WiRE (Women in Rural Enterprise) and many other businesswomen I know do too.  In fact I love it so much that I have slowly been introducing friends to the network and they love it too! We have been car sharing to our local WiRE meetings at Betty’s Sewing Box in Ashbourne as well as Burton-on-Trent and Stone, to enjoy the inspirational speakers and networking opportunities every month.

And now, over 2 years since I first attended a WiRE meeting I am thrilled to be the Network Leader for a new WiRE group in my own town of Uttoxeter starting this month (next week to be exact) – yay!!

So, how is WiRE so different from other networking organisations out there?

Well, in my experience, it sets itself apart from other networks in many ways but here are just a few:

  • It is run by women for women and this gives the network a very supportive and authentic feel.
  • The women who run each network are volunteers – there is no financial gain for them other than creating lasting business relationships with other women.
  • Many members run more than one business.
  • The network is completely inclusive of all business types, ages and locations.
  • There are no referral targets, just honest leads when you build a relationship with the other women who attend.
  • It is the only organisation offering support to businesswomen in rural areas.

WiREWiRE gives me the chance to get out of my office a few times a month and meet some amazing businesswomen. Has it brought me any business? Yes it has – and it has also provided me with an amazing support network and some great friends too.

To find out more about WiRE, visit the national website and check out the location of your local network, and if you are local to me, feel free to pop along to our meetings and say hello!

H x


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