It’s not too late to set your 2015 goals!

It’s only the last week of January and already I have heard people writing off the whole of 2015 because they either haven’t stuck to their New Year Resolutions, or haven’t created a plan.

Seriously?? We’re 29 days in to a year of 365 (that’s less than 8%) and more than likely even less of the way in to the rest of your life!

So, how can you make the most of the rest of the year?

Take some time out and make a plan. Plan from the start of February or even from the start of March and the coming of Spring. It is never too late to start!

How do I do it?

Well, as you know, I am a Desire Map devotee and got in early with a review of my core desired feelings. This process helped me confirm how I wanted to feel in my life and business this year and beyond and is a great start to the planning process. Then I needed to create some “Goals with Soul” as Danielle LaPorte would say and this lead me to the website of the wonderful Leonie Dawson.  Not only is she a soul sister from my native Australia, but she swears like a trooper and takes no prisoners – I liked her style immediately!  And it was her yearly “Create your Shining Year” workbook that looked amazing.  I wanted it immediately and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame!

WorkbookEnsconsed in my warm kitchen with green tea in a favourite mug, my angel candle holder and some ‘feel good’ crystals, I got to work.  I reviewed 2014 and gave thanks for all that I have learned and achieved, and I made a plan for 2015 for both my personal and professional lives (this blog being one of the goals for my business).  The whole process took me almost 2 weeks giving time to it when I could and letting thoughts and questions process when I had other things to do.

OK, so I did this over the Christmas break, but there is nothing stopping you making February your planning month! Getting clear on how you want to feel and then planning what you want to achieve based on that is the best way of making the most of the rest of the year.

And, if you finish by the end of February you will still have 84% of the year left to implement it all! Bonus!

H x

P.S. Here are some of the resources that I use and recommend:
– The Desire Map, Danielle LaPorte
– 2015 Workbook, Leonie Dawson
– The Tip-Off Global Energy Forecast, Elizabeth Peru


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