Weekly Words – Authenticity

This past week has been full of energy following the wonderfully cleansing full moon last Monday. The full moon urged us to clear out old stagnant energies, habits and patterns and listen to our inner voices.

As the week progressed, my inner voice repeatedly advised me to be true to myself and authentic to who I am. In the past I have found this somewhat difficult as many of my personal traits have been derided for disrupting the status quo. I am sure you have been told by others that something you do does not fit in with the norm either and that therefore it must be wrong? Am I right?

Well, I say POPPYCOCK! No more will I hide my authentic self just because it doesn’t suit everyone’s ideal. No more will I pretend to fit in with others just because it makes them uncomfortable if I do not – because it makes me uncomfortable if I do!

This week’s word is AUTHENTICITY and I urge you to think about being true to yourself every day this week.

You can start small:

  • say what you would really like, not what you think other people want you to like
  • disagree with an opinion if it doesn’t sit right with you
  • have your dessert before your main course (radical I know, but I know a lady who does just that. Why?? Because she can!!)
  • wear that top that you love but no-one else does – it’s your choice not theirs
  • go to bed earlier (or later) than normal – if it feels right just do it

The more of these little things you do to align your actions with your soul, the easier they become and the more often you will do them as everything just feels better. Others will get used to the new you – or they will move on.

All too often we are caught up in what everyone else wants from us and lose our sense of how we want to feel. Danielle LaPorte once again puts it so well:

don't lose your edge

So, this week take her advice (and mine) and be authentically you. Live this week listening to your inner voice and how you want to feel. It doesn’t mean you will disagree with everyone, but it does mean that whatever you do this week you will do for your own soul – and that leads to fewer regrets and more happiness. Well, at least it has for me!

Until next week,

H x


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