The Desire Map is Here – Are you Ready???

Today is finally the day!  Danielle LaPorte launches her amazing Desire Map workshops to the world – and I am so excited and ready to be a part of it. This programme has completely changed the way I live my life and has lead me to put my desires and feelings into everything that I do. I have always been great at knowing what I don’t want, but working out what I do want seemed both difficult and selfish. Now that my decisions and goals are aligned with my core desired feelings, I am truly starting to live in harmony with my soul and it feels AMAZING!!

quote_2_block The Desire Map will help you discover who you really are, what makes you unique and what makes your soul sing. So, here’s how you can get on the Desire train:

  1. Buy the book – This is a great starter and you can follow the programme in your own time. It is available cheapest via Book Depository here in the UK (and probably for Australia too) or directly via Danielle LaPorte’s website in the US & Canada.
  2. Come to a Live Workshop – With facilitators worldwide, you are bound to find a workshop near you.  We are all unique and our workshops will be too, so you will find one day workshops, two day workshops, yoga retreats, spa retreats and lots of other options too. During a workshop you will be guided through the steps to create your Core Desired Feelings and start to live your life with your desires at the hub of everything you do. You can find all the details of my workshops on my website and details of some other UK workshops here as well. Danielle’s website will also have details of worldwide workshops soon too – so if you fancy Desire Mapping in an exotic location then you’ll find it there!
  3. Book your own Workshop – Get a group of friends or colleages together and I can come to you (did I mention that I love to travel?). This work would make a great corporate day or a very different girlie weekend – the options are endless.
  4. Join a Virtual Workshop – If you work better in your own space, or just don’t have the time to commit to a full day or weekend, then this is another great option.  There are lots of us offering virtual groups and the beauty of these is you can choose to join any group around the globe!
  5. Join the Soul Revolution & Become a Licensee – All sorts of people are becoming licensees. From therapists to coaches, yogis to mums and everyone in between. You can offer workshops, retreats or one-to-one sessions and all in ways that suit your style. The support is great and the opportunities are epic.  If you sign up for your license through my affiliate link, you’ll also receive my Licensee Bonuses as a very special thank you and I will be there as an extra helper on your journey.  AND if you sign up between 7-21 January then I will also build your website FREE OF CHARGE!!

I can’t wait to share The Desire Map with you & help you create your own “Goals with Soul”. H x


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