Weekly Words – Full Moon

It’s the first Sunday in January and the perfect time to resurrect my Weekly Words. These are simply words or events that I am guided to share with you as they bring important messages for the coming week.

Full Moon

Image from Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon

Tomorrow welcomes the first full moon of 2015 and the influence of this event will have a great impact this week. In her Global Tip-Off Energy Forecast, Elizabeth Peru calls Monday a day of “Full Moon Lightbulb Moments” and I agree that the energy of this important full moon will set the rest of the week up for us as a week of high energy and major change.

Whenever there is a full moon, emotions are heightened.  If you are feeling sad or angry then you feel these more strongly, but you will also feel happier or more positive if this is your starting frame of mind, so it is important to hold the intention of positivity to make the most of the energy of the full moon – not only for this week but for the rest of the year.

This full moon also coincides with the end of the school holidays for many of us. My own children return to school tomorrow and therefore a sense of normality and structure is returning to my life, as well as that of many other parents around the UK and the globe. This allows me to dive into my work with renewed excitement and inspiration after a wonderful festive break and the full moon reinforces the need for me to implement the ideas I had over the holidays into my business during this first full week back.

Keeping your thoughts positive and putting your plans in to action this week will help you harness the power of this important full moon and really set the tone for the whole of 2015.

Have a great week,

H x

P.S. Don’t forget that every full moon is a great time to deep cleanse and recharge any crystals that you have around your house (including jewellery) and this one is even more important as it also brings with it the energy of the new year. I have hundreds of crystals and so lay them all out on my favourite window ledge (yes, I do have a favourite window) where I know they will catch the full light of the full moon as it passes through the sky.


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