Revisiting my Core Desired Feelings


This is becoming one of my favourite year end rituals. As part of my annual wrap-up looking back at the good and the bad of my year, I make time to revisit my core desired feelings (CDFs) and see if they still fit. Finding and following my CDFs has been revolutionary in my life over the past year and a half thanks to Danielle LaPorte‘s amazing Desire Map program. Instead of simply setting goals, The Desire Map invites you to set “Goals with Soul” and really think about the way you want to feel FIRST, then you set your goals to match those feelings.

Having my new list created early means that I can spend the Christmas break really thinking about how my CDFs will inspire my goals for 2015. They are also not meant to be something I want in 5 years from now, but how I want to feel every day.

So, here are my new CDFs for the start of 2015 at least (I will look at them again near my birthday in May), paired with one of my favourite photos from this year…



Each of these words has a very special meaning to me and I try to make sure that every day and every decision I make includes feeling at least one of them and often more.

I hope these inspire you to follow your own dreams and desires in 2015!

H x

Want to learn more about finding your own CDFs?  You can join me on my very first Desire Map Workshop on 7/8 March 2015.  More details can be found on my website and there is still time for Earlybird bookings until 7 January! 



3 thoughts on “Revisiting my Core Desired Feelings

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