Awakening through grief

Waking Up

Image from Expanded Consciousness

Every day I see amazing images and words of wisdom on Facebook, and every day they seem to reflect exactly what I need to hear.  Today I found this image and it couldn’t sum up my life any better!

The past few weeks have been very difficult.  A dear friend in Australia passed away suddenly and although we had not seen each other for over 20 years, we had connected on Facebook and his death it hit me like a tonne of bricks.  He was like a little brother to me and his passing left me considering my own life and how I want to make the most of every day.

Instead of ignoring the hurt, I cried and I looked at old photos and I reminisced. I gave myself permission to come to terms with it in my own time.

The more I let myself sit with the pain and sorrow and acknowledge that I had to grieve, the more my heart opened to show glimpses of the real me.  Not the me created by my parents, my upbringing, my relationships or society, but the inner me who is not entirely happy with my life and knows that things can be better.  I have revisited my core desired feelings (CDFs) based on this new understanding of myself and awakening to my true heart’s desires.  I am using these to help me navigate the next part of my life.

It has taken this terrible event to make me realise that only I can wake myself up and follow my dreams…

H x



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