I’ve Jumped and I’m Floating!!

Decisions, decisions, decisions – I’m fine with the small ones but the big ones can be scary!

I made myself slow down, I listened to my heart, I trusted my gut, read my Angel cards (and did all the calculations and business stuff too) then leapt off the edge of my comfort zone and into the unknown.

So, what’s the big decision then???

I’m now one of the very first Desire Map Licensees in the world – yup the whole wide world – EEEK!!  I think that made the decision even scarier for me as I’m putting myself up there with a handful of others to host workshops based on The Desire Map book…

You see, this all started when I discovered The Desire Map almost by chance (oh how synchronicity is something I appreciate so much now!) and wrote about How The Desire Map is changing my life back in June last year.  It really resonated with me and completely changed my focus in life – living for how I want to feel NOW, not how I want others to see me or what I want in 10 years time.  Loved every minute of the book and sorting my own core desired feelings.  I even got the kids involved and they listed some of their CDFs!

So, roll on a few months and I had told just about everyone I knew about the Desire Map and to be honest they were probably sick of hearing it!  So when Danielle LaPorte decided to launch her Book Clubs, I jumped at the chance of sharing it with even more people and became a Book Club Leader.  It was essentially a way to help people who had the book and wanted to learn more but needed someone to guide them through it and help them look at their own core desired feelings with a little gentle prodding from a mentor.  My book club ran twice and I enjoyed it but I’d decided not to run any more as it was a bit hit and miss if people came each week and I really didn’t feel that it matched my way of working either.  A few people still ask for it, but taking out more evenings from my family for no return wasn’t sitting well with me either.

Strangely it was at this point that the Desire Map Licensing Programme came along (hmmm)…. My instant reaction was… “NO” and my inner voice said “It’s too much money”, “I couldn’t do that”, “why would anyone come to me?”, “I’m not good enough to run those”…

Why do negative thoughts always push the positive ones out of the way??

In the past I might have dismissed it and that would have been it.  Negative wins again…  But not any more.  The messages about the License kept appearing on my Facebook newsfeed and in my inbox.  Clients kept telling me how much difference I had made in their lives and that I have helped them on to the right path…

Maybe I can do this??  Maybe people will come to my workshops???

Yes, I can do this!!  I let the negative thoughts go and truly looked in to the programme.  I took the time to assess my finances, check out the offer, really find out what was involved – getting hard facts before making a decision.  I have some wonderful friends who all told me to follow my heart and that I can do anything and a husband who supports me all the way.  It was an amazing couple of days pondering my decision!

So, now I’ve jumped and feel like I’m floating!!  There’s lots of wonderful work ahead as I am still not 100% clear on how I’ll implement it or sell it within my business.  I just know that it will complement my practice hugely and be something unique for this part of the world, as well as having a relaxed and rural vibe.  I can’t wait to get started!!!

H x

If you would like to find out more about my workshops, then the best way is to drop me an email or keep an eye on my Facebook page.  You can also find out more about The Desire Map Licensing Programme and The Desire Map itself by clicking these affiliate links.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Jumped and I’m Floating!!

  1. Sue J

    Delighted for you, Holly and so incredibly proud! Leaps of faith are not easy, but your Core Desired Feelings are clearly leading you down an exciting path. Good on ya! 😊


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