F**k It – it’s time to blog again…

I love writing – always have, always will – but this blog has suffered over the past year as I fought with my own inner worthiness and confidence and let the comments and actions of other people influence my life way too much.  BUT something amazing happened in May when I turned 40…

It happened like this – my husband bought me a Kindle (even though I had convinced myself I didn’t need one!) and I started downloading lots and lots of stuff to read.  One of those books was F**k It Therapy by John C. Parkin (see below for all the links) and anyone who knows me, knows I like a good curse now and again, so it seemed like a good match.  What I wasn’t prepared for was just how profoundly it would explain why I was in the mess I was in and how I had given all of my power to everyone else except for myself.

“It’s all about another perspective shift: from orienting your life around what’s expected of you by family, friends, school, work, society and doing what you believe you should and out to do… to going inside yourself and listening to what you’d like to do and who you’d like to be.”

F**k It Therapy gives you the tools and the permission to really stand up for what you believe in and to chart your own life course.  Although I have been doing some of the things suggested in the book because of my love of The Desire Map, literally saying “F**k It” has given me an added boost of power and ability to see that I am grateful for what I have, but also that I am not going to apologise for what I want either.

F**k It“So this is how F**k It works for most of us: we’re trying too hard, striving too much, over-controlling, over-worrying, over-working, over-thinking, and over-cooking everything. It’s time to take the F**k It chill pill, and slow it all down, give up a few things, do less, try less, control less (if at all), under-perform, trust it will work out, go with the flow, think less, and generally enjoy your life more.”

The above quote may sound counter-intuitive, but you really have to read the book to see why this isn’t the case at all.  Since I have slowed down and stopped trying so hard, I have seen a BIG increase in the number of clients I see, I get more insights during sessions, I am truly grateful for being able to serve and help these people and the cycle starts again.  I don’t worry about where my clients are coming from or how they will find me, I just trust that they will.  And the process is helping me juggle my other businesses and family life just as successfully.  I find that I actually have more time to do things than when I was trying to control everything and that I forget LESS too!  That’s all got to be a good thing.

I will never please everyone and with F**k It, I know I don’t need to.  I just need to be happy with my own world and if I can teach my children the same (without the profanity at the moment) then I will have helped them prepare for the big wide world too…

If you too would like to say F**k It and release yourself from your own prison, then I highly recommend reading the F**k It series of books by John C. Parkin.  My favourite is F**k It Therapy: The Profane Way to Profound Happiness as it gives you the tools to start straight away with this amazing tool…  You can also find out much more at thefuckitlife.com.

H x


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