Time to Stop and My Dad Always Knows Best

It’s been one of those weeks… I’ve been down (cold weather, no heating oil and healing reaction to a new therapy) and I’ve been up (speaking at our local WiRE group meeting about The Desire Map) and pretty much everywhere in-between.  I’ve been looking forward to today as I got to see my boys in their Mother’s Day service but the bust shower this morning sent me on a downward spiral again – just something else to fix…

But then I stopped.  I made the decision to stop worrying about things I couldn’t control – it was only a shower after all and can be fixed, we have small heaters and an open fire so heating oil can wait and I am finally feeling much better after my healing reaction. Putting my positive hat on I dropped the boys at school and unexpectedly received a cheque as I’d won the monthly draw (only ever won once before in the 5 years my kids have been at the school)!  It was working… Then when I got home I rang my Dad for his birthday.  He has an uncanny knack for always knowing the right things to say and whilst telling him all the things I have to do (or feel I am expected to do) he lovingly pointed out that I shouldn’t worry and that I will get to them all when I can and if I don’t the world won’t end.  Brilliant man my Dad!

My Stop Doing ListSo, I enjoyed my boys’ Mother’s Day service this afternoon and then came home to find a blog post from Danielle LaPorte all about ‘A Celebration of The Stop Doing List.’  Divine timing as usual and it reinforced exactly what my Dad had told me earlier in the day.  This time though I decided to make a lovely graphic for it and add in 5 things I really need to stop doing.

As Danielle says in her post “What you stop doing is just as important as the things you start doing.”

Ah yes, wise words from one of my favourite authors and my very special Dad too…

H x



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