I DO have a REAL job!

This post follows on from last week’s 7 Reasons it’s Great to be a WAHM post as although I love being a mum, I am also fighting for my career choice to be seen accepted. You see, this past weekend my husband’s family came over to celebrate a family birthday and as usual I found myself on the receiving end of lots of well-meaning but completely unwanted advice about what I should be doing for a living.

“You should make those to sell” is a common response to a cake I’ve decorated (it’s only taken me 10 hours plus of cursing and frustration) or a toy my kids have and it’s not only in person either – I often receive emails asking if I’ve seen this new selling thing, or that new idea with advice that it would be good for me to follow up. But my response to all of these suggestions is the same: “thank you, but I already have a job I love”. It is frustrating that I have to defend what I do, but at the same time I know that I am on the right path for me, and that is all that matters. Their advice is simply a reflection of their values and lives and not mine.

I have tried to explain crystal therapy and even simplified it by saying that I help people feel good, but have been met with “I don’t believe in that”, “it’s good to have a hobby” and “a real job will come along soon” as responses. Luckily I know that my job is real and that it helps many people so I try not to let the remarks cut too deep, but it is hard to have your passion dismissed outright. Ironically, it is those people who look upon what I do with contempt or disbelief that could probably to with a session the most!

My hope for the future is that everyone will be more open to alternative therapies and as everything in this world changes at such a pace there will be more healers and therapists like me there to help us all lead rewarding and happy lives.

But do I think my husband’s family will ever ‘get it’ and stop giving me advice?? Not a chance!


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