A week of wonderful loose ends

I have set myself a goal of blogging each week this year and Wednesday is usually the day I get myself sorted enough during the week to sit down and write. This week however we are already at Friday afternoon and I am only just catching up.  I thought I would miss it, but three people this week have told me they read my blog – this was both surprising and humbling as I always just feel my words just end up in the ether along with so many others.  So here I am… better late than never! And this week’s post is all about the loose ends and tying up of them that has made my blog a bit later than planned this week.

My weeks are always busy.  Whether I have lots of clients or not, I am a Mum with two energetic sons to take here and there and all the other things that come with running a household.  So my clients and my businesses have to fit neatly within these other responsibilities. This makes getting anything done a challenge, but when I also throw in that my husband works away a lot and we have no family locally, I edit the Parish newsletter and am the Treasurer for our local scout group, things get even busier.

Now, I like to be busy, but this week tested even my resolve to get things done. I didn’t seem to have a moment to sit and really get stuck into any real work so I spent the week trying to sort out lots of little projects and loose ends that have been flapping around and needed to get done. I found that actually letting these be the focus of my week and not beating myself up for not doing any of the bigger tasks meant that I finished off so many of them and feel a greater sense of accomplishment than I would have if I had fought to try and get stuck in to something bigger. My ‘work’ week included finalising a grant offer for Scouts, running my Desire Map book club, attending a WiRE networking lunch, updating my accounts, writing the Parish newsletter, ordering icing for my son’s ‘Minion’ cakes and making Minion party boxes, visiting a client, completing the census for our Scout group, working on a friend’s website, sorting my filing, making a Minion piñata (there’s definitely a theme here), printing posters for a Scout fundraising evening, designing three cross stitch kits, getting the Parish newsletter printed and sending out workshop certificates.

A few years ago a week like this would have driven me mad, but now I make sure I enjoy each and every task knowing that even the small steps are working towards the bigger picture. It can be easy to forget that the little things are just as important as those larger tasks and honestly I feel that I got more done this past week with all of my different hats on than some weeks when I spend the whole time at my desk with one hat on! Sometimes we just have to allow ourselves to go with the flow – and this was definitely a week for that!

It is now finally Friday evening and I can sit back and relax (PJs and open fire already on) – well, at least until tomorrow when I am starting the magnificent Minion cakes and have 75 Anzac biscuits to make for school on Monday!!

Have a great weekend & go with the flow x



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