Bravely trusting my intuition

We all have it – that inner knowingness when something feels right or not.  It’s a gut feeling, a hunch, intuition, a sixth sense – whatever you call it, in my case it is usually right.  But how often do we really listen and follow our own inner guidance?

I can honestly say that up until a few years ago I rarely listened or followed my intuition at all. I ignored it in favour of pleasing others or doing what I thought I ‘should’ do or for any number of other reasons. My inner guidance was gagged. I tied it up and ignored it as it persistently tried to convince me to be true to myself and to follow my own path. But I was scared. I worried about what others would think, worried what would happen if I listened and followed my intuition. Frightened to really be myself.

However, when I became a Crystal Therapist and really took responsibility for my own personal development, I realised that not only were my gut feelings pretty much spot on every time, but that they allowed me to expand my awareness of what makes me who I am – the ability to change the stuff I didn’t like so much and build on the stuff I love about myself.

This year has already started better than most recent years that I can remember and the biggest difference is that I am following my own intuition in everything that I do. I’m concerning myself with me and not what others think of me. It is not easy all the time, but the more I practice the easier it gets and the more I feel that I am aligning myself with my true purpose and soul mission. To begin with it felt like being lost in space and I had to be brave to trust that it would all work out, but now I function from my inner guidance first and if it doesn’t feel right then I just don’t do it. As a result I am happier, more fulfilled and more at peace with myself and the rest of the world.

So, if you want to start bravely following your own intuition, these three steps will help you start to get the hang of it:

  1. Give yourself time – if someone asks you to do something you really aren’t sure about, give yourself permission to take some time to think about it. Ask if you can get back to them once you’ve made a decision and don’t feel rushed into answering on the spot. Spend some time thinking about the request and how it makes you feel. Do you feel excited and nervous (if so, it may just be a fear of the unknown and something you really do want to do) or does it make you feel sick, frustrated or resentful (these are generally good reasons not to do it). Working your way through your feelings is the best way to start listening and trusting your own intuition.
  2. Stick to your guns – if you really don’t want to do what you have been asked, make sure you stick to your guns when you say no as family and friends who are used to you accepting any request will take a while to get used to the new you! They may try to cajole you into whatever it is they want as they think you’ll go back to doing as they ask.
  3. It’s OK to change your mind – as you practice following your gut instinct you will sometimes read the signs and follow the wrong one. Trust me, that’s OK and normal, but the important part is that you actually change direction once you know you’re on the wrong path. Don’t be stubborn and get resentful; instead admit that you’ve had a change of heart and start down the right path. It’s important to correct yourself (but not berate yourself) as you go along so that you learn to read the signs better next time.

Be brave and trust that you know yourself better than anyone else does – it really is worth taking that leap.





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