Why Be Normal?


When we were teenagers, my best buddy and I used to have this saying just about everywhere – he’d even written on the head of the teddy bear everyone signed for my 21st birthday!  It was just one of our special buddy things that I took for granted. But almost two decades later it is still a pretty accurate reflection of my life…

You see I grew up in awe of people who knew exactly what they wanted to be when they left school. On career days or just in class they would be the first to answer that they would one day be nurses, teachers, pilots, doctors or firemen. They had it all planned out and I wondered why I didn’t. Sure, at some points I thought about doing jobs like that and probably even said so just to fit in, but they were never really my passion and I just wanted to do something that I loved. Hey, maybe they weren’t their passions either, but that’s a whole other story…

I never really thought that my passion alone was enough and I couldn’t quantify my dreams or make them fit into a stereotypical career that my career advisers or anyone else would understand.  I wanted to help people feel better about themselves but didn’t want to be a counsellor or teacher or doctor or chiropractor – I wanted to share my optimism, positivity and the energy I could channel with the world. It was real to me and one day I knew I would find out where I fit, but it frustrated me to have to wait (and no doubt those who thought I could be doing something better!).

I went to work and although I was good at the jobs I did, that was all they ever were – jobs.  I also enjoyed most all of them (except for that Summer job where the bosses kept arguing and throwing things) but there wasn’t a career in any of them that I could see me doing until I retired. So I moved around a lot doing different things and learning new skills. I also took on a degree in geology and indulged my passions for handicrafts in my spare time. Somehow it made sense and although I didn’t know where I was going I knew I was destined for a not-so-normal career eventually.

Then, one day I was introduced to Crystal Therapy and as I immersed myself in this amazing new world of energy, crystals, reiki, zero-point fields, self-help and grace, it felt like I had come home. This was what I was waiting for and what I had been working so long to get to. You see, I don’t think I could have done what I am doing now without the background that I gained in the years before. I learnt how to type as a PA, about crystals through my geology, about grief and love and all the emotions in between by moving to the other side of the world, about computers as an IT trainer and about creativity through sewing, knitting and cross stitch.

It’s like all of the threads from all of the jobs I had done and all of the choices I had made until then seem to have woven together to create the most amazingly rich tapestry that is now my life. Every day I am awestruck by the way previous experiences or people I have known give me an insight into my career today – and it is not just a career, it is my passion and my calling. So, I guess my point is, don’t just settle for what everyone else wants you to do, or what you think is a normal job if you don’t want to do it. Eventually you will find what you are truly meant to be doing, it might just take you a while!

I now get to work with some amazingly inspiring people and help others discover their inner strength through Crystals, Reiki and The Desire Map – something I would never have dreamed possible back when “Why be Normal?” became our catchphrase… so here’s to believing in yourself and to good friends who believe in you too!



3 thoughts on “Why Be Normal?

  1. Carolyn Trafford

    Holly – that’s my philosophy – the growing up system places so much pressure on us to be normal, to comply with norms – it’s taken me years to realise that I am who I am and that’s OK, I’m not condoning going out and doing really silly stuff but we need to find our own way in life and be “true to me” in the process

    1. hollyhinton Post author

      Thank you Carolyn – there is so much pressure for us to conform to accepted parameters and if the only thing I can teach my children is that there is a much wider choice out there than they are lead to believe, then I’ll have done my job. H x


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