Reflect on your Victories

I was extremely lucky recently to attend a Reiki II weekend with my much beloved teacher who I found when I started crystal therapy. Even more wonderful was that the other person on the course cancelled the day before so I had my teacher all to myself! We chatted for ages putting the world right and had two great days not only as teacher and pupil, but as friends catching up and sharing experiences.

One of the things I reflected on during the weekend was how I had applied for a job that I didn’t really want, something she had also once done many years before, and then didn’t even get an interview – the first job I have ever applied for and not got, but sometimes “NO” is the best answer!! Anyway, the one thing that I really enjoyed about the experience that we talked about was the fact that I wrote a CV for the first time in over 10 years and saw just how much I had achieved whilst being self-employed and in a voluntary capacity and in fact even before that.

Not only have I run my own businesses for 10 years, I have also been the Secretary and Chair of charity, a Secretary of another charity and am now the Treasurer of yet another charity . I edit my Parish newsletter and also help at groups for my two sons. It made me realise that I had put emphasis on what others thought of me rather than what I thought of myself and that I previously considered all of these things as ‘extras’ to life, as things that Mums did as they waited to go back to ‘real’ work. But you know what, all of these skills are far more informative of who I am than any pompous job title I’ve ever had and have given me far more skills than I ever gained in full-time employment. Better still, I am an awesome Mum too and get to be involved in all of my sons’ education but still get to pursue my dream – now that is brilliant!!!

Before that I was an IT Trainer in London and going back even further in pre-history I represented Australia on their International Air Cadet Exchange Programme and represented the State of Victoria in swimming, diving, Girl Guides and Air Cadets. Now, every day I juggle tonnes of different things – ironing, packed lunches, maths, housework, school, blogging, sales, marketing, football, finance, reading, meetings, teaching, rugby, clients, therapies, gardening, scouts, swimming, spelling and cooking – and still come out the other side. It doesn’t make me any less of a person, but it just makes me proud of every little victory.

And that is really my point. No matter how many big victories someone seems to have, make sure you celebrate your victories – no matter how small. You are an amazing individual and everything little you do quantifies that. Don’t think you are any less important than anyone who always knew what they wanted to do in life – I think they are great too. But the more inventive and changeable among us are more open to the challenges that life brings and can really put our effort in to whatever we set our hearts to.

My challenge to you is to get a container (mine’s a Kilner jar) and any time you achieve something that really means something to you, write it down and put it in the jar. A feeling, a new contract or even a great comment from your kids, when you are feeling bad or just want a bit of inspiration your jar will show you just how victorious you are…


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