Sometimes a nudge is all we need

I design my own website.  Not because I’m a website designer, but because it means I have control over what goes on it and I can keep the costs way down!  But lately I’ve been looking at some of the websites that I admire the most and wished mine looked more like theirs.  I also wanted my blog to look like it was part of my website and not just an add on.

So, I took the plunge and called a web design company.  I spoke to a really nice helpful guy who explained my options and came up with a price.  I knew it would be more than I was paying (about £60 a year!) but when I realised that the price would not include my shop or monthly hosting it made me wonder whether I could have a go myself.

Two days, some late nights, lots of learning and hard graft later I published my new improved website and it looks exactly how I want it (well, a bit of tweaking still required but I’m a perfectionist!).  I paid an extra £19 for my blog to take on the custom colours of my website but that’s the only extra outlay and I saved myself about £500!!


Just finding out how much it would have cost me gave me the nudge I required to do it myself.  It doesn’t mean that one day in the future I won’t need a professional to take it on, but at the moment I am happy with my new look – and the comments I’ve received on my Facebook page are really positive too…

So, give something a go that you don’t think you can achieve – you might just give your self-esteem a boost, save some cash and surprise yourself!



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