Friday is my new Desire Day

I am already a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte and her #DesireMap programme, but I just have to share her new Desire Map for Life programme.  Why?  Quite simply because not only is it FREE (yes, you read that bit right), but it is also thought provoking and has the ability to link you with a whole group of other people who are also using the Desire Map to change their lives.

The first Friday installment was released today and Danielle challenges you to explore “Your relationship to destruction, Goddess Kali, and Fridays with desire“.  Are you ready to give up or destroy something in your life to create a better you?

Well, I most definitely am!  Fridays are now my ‘me’ days.  My days to read, research, attend classes, meditate and get my sh*t together for the weekend and coming week.  I’m loving my new found freedom and hope you’ll join me as I follow this great new weekly reminder that we should all follow our Desires.



2 thoughts on “Friday is my new Desire Day

    1. hollyhinton Post author

      Thanks Kenu! I love this programme and can’t wait for the book to be available separately in the new year – one to watch out for x


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