A new approach for my new year

It’s almost the end of the Summer holidays here in the UK and for me this heralds the start of a new year.  I grew up in Australia where the Summer holidays always included New Year and they still have that feel about them here.  It’s much nicer to have a Summer break and then hit the ground running in sunny September than to try and motivate yourself to change in the midst of a cold and dark British Winter!

September is always a very busy month with the kids starting back at school, the sun still shining but the seasons well on their way to Autumn and all of my new ideas ideas I have had over the Summer bursting to be put into action.  In past years I have started September at a sprint but found that by December I am barely at a crawl, having tried to cram all of my ideas into three months.  But this year will be different and it’s due to two big changes:

  1. I’m going with the flow – I’ve taken time out this Summer to really connect with how I feel on a daily basis, and how that affects what I achieve.  I’ve been writing a journal and connecting my energy levels and feelings with cycles of the planets and moon and have seen a distinct correlation.  This knowledge helps me plan my schedule better and stops me setting unrealistic goals on days when I know it’s just not going to happen.  A great source for this information is Elizabeth Peru – a fellow Aussie who shares “daily intuitive soul messages” which have been spot on for me; and I also have an Ephemeris – it’s full of the numeric data of planetary positions and feeds my scientific brain!
  2. I have a cunning plan – when you work for yourself there is no-one setting you deadlines or tasks so it’s up to you.  I’d forgotten how important this is to achieving my goals so I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the evenings setting myself a schedule for the coming year. I run two businesses, have two kids with lots of activities to get to and need to also fit in my own continuing education so these all have to be considered. Planning not only on a daily and weekly basis but also longer-term strategies for marketing, social networking, workshops, courses, products, research and education has given me a pictorial framework so that I can see where I am going this year.  It’s not set in stone but it will help me spread out my great ideas over the year instead of using them up all at once.

I’m looking forward to the busyness that September will bring and have set myself the task of reviewing my progress over the real New Year – an excuse to stop and warm myself by the open fire and assess my achievements.

Wishing you a super September with all the promise it brings!

H x


2 thoughts on “A new approach for my new year

  1. Kenu Dilega Parker

    Great stuff Holly. It is so true – the power of observation. So often we go day to day buying this or that to fill the gap, trying to find something outside of ourselves to take away the problems. When all we really have to do is slow down and look inwards and become aware of who we are.
    A fruitful blog as usual Holly. I love reading about your journey and always pick up a pebble of wisdom on the way. xx

    1. hollyhinton Post author

      Thanks Kenu. I definitely have to get back to blogging more & think we both learn from each other! A great support from across the miles x


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