I am exceptional … and so are YOU!

A brilliant blog post and a call to realise just how exceptional you are – are you ready to take Dawn’s challenge?? I am…

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How many of us actually praise ourselves up even once a year? Once a month? Once a week? Once a day? How did it feel to even THINK about doing that…about praising yourself up? Ouchy? Comfortable? Inspiring? Scary?

However it made you feel, it’s something that we are generally not very good at doing. Especially in Britain. But it’s something that we definitely need to be doing more of.

Here in Britain we are afraid of successful people…so afraid that the feelings we feel get churned up inside of us and transformed into envy, jealousy, spite and more. Why? I’m not quite sure why, I think it could be perhaps that we are generally so used to the assumption that we are to live with decorum and poise that in honesty we could be at times so far up our own behinds that we don’t know how to praise anyone…

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