I’m inspired – and you can be too!

I have been amazed, humbled and inspired by the comments, messages and shares my recent post received!  If ever there was a way of confirming that I am following the path I am meant to be on then these were it.

You see, I now judge every situation by how it ‘feels’ – part of my Desire Map learning that impacts everything that I do.  It’s something that you can do every day too – just making sure that whatever you do ‘feels’ right and actually listening to those feelings and desires and more importantly, not beating yourself up when you do something that doesn’t feel right!  Since my earlier admin job application, I’ve since seen another one that I know I could do without thinking – but this time I stopped and recognised the feelings I had when reading the advert: my stomach twisted in knots, I got a sinking feeling and felt boxed in and sad – it’s just not right for me.  When I think about working for myself on the other hand, the freedom of choosing my own goals and helping other people to learn about their own well-being I feel all tingly and excited, motivated, inspired and grateful that I can do something I love. Now that’s the feeling I want from a job and from life in general!

My Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) from May 2013

My Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) from May 2013. Still a work in progress but they help me connect to my feelings every day and really make progress on my soul goals.

So, I thought I would share my five CDFs (Core Desired Feelings) with you – and yes, this is a technique from The Desire Map (but you don’t have to do the whole program to make these work for you). I can see that these will change over time, but at the moment it’s these words that really resonate with me and make me feel that I am capable of doing anything I set my heart to.

I paired my CDFs with this awesome Hubble telescope image of the Orion Nebula as that’s where stars are born – and we are all star dust after all!  Getting a list together of the feelings that really mean something to you and pairing them with your favourite image is a really good place to start to connect to your soul desires and what makes you the happy, and therefore productive too. Just make sure you stick it somewhere you can look at it every day to remind you!

My challenge for you is to see if you can narrow down your Core Desired Feelings too and find out which feelings really shake your world and make you want to get out of bed in the morning.  Once you have found them you can then start to change your world to make those a part of your everyday life – and believe me, once you start you will see doors opening in directions you may never have expected them to!

H x


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