Weekly Words – Openness

I thought it would be nice to share the word that came to me last night when I sat quietly and just let the Universe speak to me.  It took a while, as it often does, to calm the noise in my head – the list of things to do this week, the things I should have done that day and all the other little reminders that sneak in when you are trying to really listen to the Divine.  Finally, when I let all of those thoughts go I ‘felt’ the word that I needed to think about this week: “Openness”.

To me openness is about letting go, being honest, being who I am, letting other people get close to me, giving and receiving and enjoying life without inhibitions.  We have all had our hearts broken at some time or been let down, deceived or hurt, but keeping our hearts open to new experiences, people and feelings is so important for our spiritual and personal growth.  Being true to who we are meant to be in our soul is the reason we are here.

I found this quote and it really resonated with the whole reality of what openness means to me. The image behind is my own taken last year at St Bees in Cumbria.



I will be working on my own openness this week and challenge you to think about yours.

H x


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