Sometimes “No” is the best answer

Finances have been pretty tight for my hubby and I since having our wonderful children and our decision that I would stay at home to look after them – and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I work for myself and fit things in around my family, but with the cost of just about everything going through the roof it seemed like I would have to go back to a ‘normal’ job.  So, I half-grudgingly applied for an office job, doing something I knew I could do in my sleep and I told myself that if I got it at least we could start to make headway on our house renovations (and boy do we need to start those!).

I posted my application and waited.  But as I waited to hear if I would get an interview, all I could think of was that I really didn’t want to go back to working for someone else, I’d have to wear a suit every day and would have to put my other dreams ‘on hold’.  It would also mean missing out on school events like Mother’s Day and Sports Day and I wasn’t sure I wanted to lose those either.

I looked through my newly updated CV and was actually impressed by my own achievements since I started working for myself over 10 years ago. And so I started to wonder why I was willing to put in all that effort to impress someone else, instead of putting in all that effort to my own businesses and making them really work.  I felt a real change in direction and energy and just knew that I would be giving up too much if I went back to an office…

ImageFinally, a letter arrived saying that I’d not been successful – but to me I had.  I smiled to myself and knew that this whole experience had done exactly what I had needed it to – it had brought me back to my desire to work for myself and given me a huge boost of motivation and inspiration to really make it happen.  It is the best “no” I have received in a very long time…

H x


11 thoughts on “Sometimes “No” is the best answer

  1. sexysmartpowerfulentrepreneuress

    Holly! I am so pleased for you! I absolutely love it when things work out for the best, and it’s even better when we realise that the “no” we sometimes get given, is the best thing that could happen for us. Huge Smiles & Hugs xx

    1. hollyhinton Post author

      Thank you Dawn! I have been so motivated these past few days (something I feared I had lost) and can’t wait to get really stuck in after the Summer holidays. H x

  2. Cheryl

    I believe that everything happens for a reason Holly, our life is already mapped out for us. Good luck for the future, I know you will be a great success. x Cheryl

    1. hollyhinton Post author

      Thank you Cheryl! I am so drawn to providing healing that I am relieved that I now can continue to do so. Your kind comments are really appreciated. H x

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