Stitching my Desire Map

Cross stitching has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager but as I now spend some of my time designing for others I tend not to get to stitch for myself all that often.  But in an attempt to realise some of my own CDFs (read on if you’ve not heard of these before) and be creative and inspired I decided to have a go at a project I’ve wanted to do for a while – stitching a design on a tote bag.  The hardest part was deciding what to stitch and a few weeks ago it finally came to me – a QR code.  I have been very excited about designing cross stitch QR codes recently as they are a fantastic way of sharing messages, websites and ideas and I am definitely a geek at heart!

So, which QR code to stitch??  It just had to be my link to The Desire Map program – basically because so many people have asked me recently why I seem so much happier and motivated and I want to tell them all about the program that I truly believe is helping me create the life I want.  It seemed like a cool idea to stitch the QR code onto a tote that I can carry around with me and then when someone asks they can scan the code and go straight to the website and see what it’s all about.  It also fulfills my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) of being connected, creative and inspired at the same time – these feelings are the main focus of Desire Mapping.

A few evenings later and here’s the finished product:

Desire Map Cross Stitch

I was so pleased with it that I shared this image in The Desire Map facebook group and received some amazing comments.  And yes, it does work with my phone scanner app, but not that sure from the photo…  Over 100 ‘likes’ later in just over a day and I received a personal message from Danielle LaPorte’s Content & Communications Manager asking if I would like to be featured on their Partner News page!!  Would I ever!  How exciting.

So, from one pretty geeky idea to worldwide feature in just under a week…  I wonder what’s in store next on my amazing new Desire Map journey?!

Check out my earlier post on The Desire Map to see how I am using this tool to improve my life in ways I didn’t dare to think possible just a few months ago.  I am a member of their affiliate program too and so clicking on any of my links to the program does mean I get a share if you sign up – I won’t lie and say I don’t but I truly think it is an amazing program so that’s why I’m involved x 


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