Feeling Positive

Isn’t it interesting how we tend to say “think positive” to someone who is feeling low when what we should really be saying is “feel positive”?

So, as I look at life in a new way, thinking positive just doesn’t cut it for me anymore; without feeling positive, the shift into a better energy state just doesn’t happen.  And I’m all about the energy – it has to feel right, to resonate with my soul to make me want to change what I am doing for the better.

Every morning I ask myself “how do I want to feel today”.  I have a list of five or so feelings that I know make my heart sing and my soul dance so I go for them.  Then I try to make sure my day includes activities – however small – that fulfill these needs.  I’m still new at this but it is making a huge difference to someone who often felt defeated even before I got out of bed!

Today I ‘connected’ with a friend I miss terribly as they live on the other side of the world.  That 10 minute message conversation made both of us smile and touched me dearly to know we are still so close, even though we are 10,000 miles apart.  Listening to a CD we both love later in the car was another way to acknowledge my feelings and make me smile.

I also remained ‘authentic’ to myself when a friend at my sons’ school asked if I could make them something but I knew I would feel resentful if I took it on (blinds are just not my thing).  So I said “no” (an amazing achievement for me!) and helped them find the information they needed to make it happen another way.

I’m no expert at this stuff, but I am honestly a happier, healthier and more in sync with my soul when I ‘feel positive’ instead of just thinking it….

If you’re wondering where all this new feeling is coming from, then check out my earlier post on The Desire Map and take a look at Danielle LaPorte’s amazing program for yourself.  I am truly changing my life one small step at a time and loving every soul-searching minute of it. H x


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