What a Prosperous Night!

“If you see yourself as prosperous, you will be. If you see yourself as continually hard up, that is exactly what you will be.” ~ Robert Collier

I simply love meeting and talking to people and networking is something that I really enjoy – my mother always called me a chatterbox and I guess I am!  But I also love to listen to new ideas and share in the wealth of knowledge and positive energy that comes from these types of events, and last night’s event was a real zinger!

My local WiRe network hold networking events every month or two at the gorgeous and relaxing Dove Farm in Ellastone.  Aptly named ‘WiRE Doves’, there is an eclectic mix of women from all different business sectors and a real sense of friendship and support within the group – no matter whether you run a business from a bedroom or a boardroom!  Last night’s meeting was all about Prosperity and I had been asked to supply 20 of my crystal gift bags for the attendees – a prosperous start for me…

What really took my interest was when one of our hosts asked us to give a ‘prosperity rating’ as we introduced each other at the beginning of the evening.  I’d never really thought of rating how prosperous I felt but was on a high with all of the inner work I have been doing so gave myself an 8.  Within the room the scores varied from 10 down to 4.  After the speakers had given us all a boost with their very different but interesting talks to help increase our prosperity it had already risen to a 9 – I was feeling motivated and ready to take on the world!

1017435_10151495581321381_1645402645_nI had also been looking forward to the evening because a lady I’ve done some work for had promised to bring in some crystal rings for me to chose from as payment for my time.  I love doing jobs ‘in kind’ when I can as it brings me far more joy than cash alone.  It was like opening a box of treasure as I got to choose a ring from the selection of over 30 she had brought along!  Too many I thought – how am I ever going to choose?  I tried on a few but settled on the one that had taken my eye the first time I saw it.  It’s more amazing in real life than this photo shows and contains a Dendritic Agate stone – amazingly itself a stone associated with prosperity.  Not only that, but Louise of Silver Sentiments has promised to send me a matching pendant as she is so thrilled with the work I have done for her.  Now that has totally blown me away and was very unexpected!

I also received the most lovely compliments throughout the night – first for my new scarf, then for my lovely complexion, then from a client who recommended my crystal therapy sessions and finally from another crystal therapist for the crystal gifts.  She said it wasn’t often that she received crystals and could tell that I had put loving intention into the gifts for everyone.

Wow!  Talk about a prosperous event!  I walked out of there on a cloud and with a prosperity rating of 10+.  The Facebook group has been buzzing all day with people finding places to keep their crystals, chatting about the speakers and contemplating what prosperity means to them.  For me, it’s not only about how much money you have, but how grateful you are for the people and situations around you too.  I am very grateful for the lovely ladies of WiRE Doves for making me feel so amazing for just being me!  Thank you one & all x


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