Weekly Words – Balance

Isis Ascended Master Card

Last night, as is my normal Sunday evening practice, I meditated and asked for guidance on what to work on for this week.  I ask for something that is important to for me to learn more about during the next 7 days.  This time it was Balance.

As mentioned in my previous post, sometimes I feel the words come from my own inner voice and sometimes from others.  This time I was drawn to my ‘Ascended Master’ oracle cards (a favourite set of mine by Doreen Virtue) and chose the card of Isis and ‘Balance Career and Home Life’.

Many of us must juggle the responsibilities of being a parent with those of working – for ourselves or others – as well as many other commitments.  But what struck me about these words for me was not that I need to give more to my home life, but more to my career.  I have been unbalanced for so long the other way – by looking after my children and husband and putting their needs first all the time. In fact I have been taking care of everyone except for myself.  I have let my responsibilities at home  take over my career to the point that although I have worked for myself for 10 years I have been giving almost none of my time to my career as the demands of my family have taken over since my children were born.

It’s easy to blame this or blame that, but the truth is that I’ve chosen my path.  We don’t have close family to support us with childcare, we don’t have stacks of cash to pay for it – but even if we did have these I doubt I would have wanted either.  I love being a Mum and I am passionate about raising my own children and seeing them grow.  There have also been many who’ve said my businesses are nothing but ‘hobbies’ because they do not fit into the categories of ‘normal’ employment: in one business I help people make their own decisions and improve their own lives with my use of crystal and other therapies and in the other I design cross stitch kits.  Even my very supportive husband struggles to explain these to people!

But I guess what I am getting to is that I am the only one who can regain that passion that I feel about my career.  I am the one who needs to set the boundaries and demand the time I require to design, make or write.  It is what I am doing right now as my children are watching a bit of TV – they know I’ve got one hour of ‘Mummy work time’ and they are happy with that.  Now I just have to continue it for the rest of the school holiday week and beyond and make sure I don’t overbalance and go the other way so that my family suffers.  That’s where my balance will have to come in…

I would love to know how you juggle your commitments – whatever they are. Maybe there are some tips that we can all put into practice when setting our own boundaries and bringing a bit of balance back into our lives…  Let me know, OK?!  H x


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