Today some good friends came to visit… Our house was a mess, my hair looked shocking (I wasn’t even out of my PJs) and my hubby was still out shopping for the rest of the provisions for the lunch we’d promised – yes, we knew they were coming!  We are usually really organised but today was just not one of those days.

Did our friends mind?  Of course not, because they are good friends and take us as we come.  We had a great lunch, fun catching up and our kids had a great time entertaining their toddler.

After they left I had to laugh.  Not at today, but at my childhood and because what my parents would have said if they’d have seen it all.  You see, when people came to our house when we were little it used to take them (and my sister and I under duress) a good few hours to clean, tidy, mop, vacuum and make sure everything was just perfect.  No paperwork here or dust there – my Dad would even sweep the front entrance (which no-one ever used!).  It was all about looking like we were perfect and was really important to them and still is – and probably still is to many other families all over the planet.

But me, well, I’ve chilled a lot.  Our friends got fed, had somewhere to sit and I only had to move a few bits from the table, but they were visiting us and not our house.  It’s school holidays here and with the kids home all the time it is messier than usual – it’s just how it is.  As I’ve grown up I’ve just learned that true friends will visit whatever your house looks like and offer to clean up the mess if it’s that bad!  I’m lucky to have lots of those true friends now and I am very grateful that I can just enjoy their company without feeling guilty about what I should or should not have done!

I hope you have some of those friends too?!  H x


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