I’m Still Listening…

Earlier this week I wrote about my ‘Weekly Words’ – a weekly practice that I wanted to share with you.  This week my word was ‘Listen’ and I have been trying my best to listen in all types of situations. Here’s how I’m doing:

I’m listening more to my own inner voice and have eaten less, played more and done some things that I am passionate about.  The kids are home this week and next so it’s the perfect opportunity to slow down and just enjoy myself.

I’m listening more to friends and not thinking of my next response while they are still talking.  Our home is the sort of place that people just drop in to for a coffee and I want it to stay that way so listening is really important (as well as a good supply of coffee, cake and biscuits).

I’m listening to my husband more and trying not to jump in with answers to everything.  He’s a pretty quiet guy anyway so I don’t think I’ve changed much on that one…

But to me the best of all is that I have listened to my children.  They’ve said some lovely things, some funny things and some not so good things (but I guess poo head is pretty standard for a 7 year old!) – but at least I have heard them all.  It’s sad to say that I have been more involved in conversations with them than I have in quite a while, but at least I am improving.  I have also made a real effort not to yell.  The tips from Orange Rhino have helped immensely and their Facebook page is also a great source of support from other parents trying to improve how they deal with their children.

Now I’m off to finish the Lego Firestation I promised to build with my kids! Have a fab weekend and I’ll be back on Monday with my next Weekly Words.  H x


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