My ‘Weekly Words’

Every Sunday night I spend a quiet few minutes meditating on what I need to know or work on for the following week. I like to call it my ‘Weekly Words’.  Sometimes just one thing will come to me and sometimes I feel or hear more than one thing. Where do these words come from?  Well, sometimes I am sure it is from my own inner voice and being quiet just allows me to listen, but sometimes it is most definitely from outside – my guides, angels or even relatives who still watch over me.  I speak to all of them and ask questions and believe that this is one of the ways I receive guidance.

This week it was most definitely just one word from outside of myself: “LISTEN”.  I am a great talker and it serves me well when I am teaching but listening is something I have had to work very hard to learn over many years.  I have learnt to listen to my clients during crystal therapy sessions and feel that I am getting better at this every day, but it is still something I need to work on with everyone else – including myself.

I have two boys who are home from school now for the Easter holidays and I am going to use this as my challenge to actually listen to them more – no brushing them aside or yelling at them because I am frustrated.  I also found a great website and blog from The Orange Rhino that I am following with great interest and putting many of her tips into action.  I also have a wonderful husband who I am often too tired to listen to properly.  I am also going to listen to my other family and friends – I am getting better at this but do often find that I do other things if I am talking on the phone and so am not giving them my full attention (but who doesn’t I guess).

Finally, I am going to listen to me.  This is the hardest for me to do when I don’t want to hear what I know is right, but in my effort to put in a week of work on my weekly words then this is what I have to do.  Next week I can work on something else and know that I am constantly learning to improve myself – one week at a time…  It works for me!


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