Inspiring Blogs

It’s been a strange week and I seem to have spent most of it battling with my own procrastination and feeling low.  But when I feel like this there are some fantastic inspiring blogs out there that I like to catch up on so I thought I would share my three favourites with you all…

First is this fantastic blog by Marc and Angel (  I have only recently discovered it but their words of encouragement and pure optimism can life anyone’s spirits.  This is a must -read for me!

Second is a brilliant blogger Sandy Bucholtz ( who’s blog ‘Embrace your Awesomeness’ I found quite a while ago…  Her recent post about Friendships, Forgiveness, and Jelly Beans reminded me how fantastic friendships are and not to worry when friends come and go – she puts it much better than I do so I hope you visit and take a look for yourself.

Third is Tiny Buddha ( and I just love the way author Lori Deschene covers topics such as How to Forgive when you don’t really want to – one I think we can all learn something from!

So there you have it – 3 inspirational blogs that might give you something to smile about!  I know they help me when I am not functioning at my best, and make me smile even more when I am…  Have a great weekend and make some time for yourself to read something uplifting.


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