Mum on the Run

Like most mums of young children, I am definitely ‘on the run’ most of the time and the brilliant novel ‘Mum on the Run‘ by Fiona Gibson could not have put the stresses, strains and fun of being a mum any better.

My husband bought this book for Mother’s Day, as recommended to him by my best friend.  Funnily though I don’t think he would have bought it at all had he realised that the content was so close to how I perceive our lives that I am sure Fiona has been sitting in my attic for the past few years taking notes for this book!

In the book, fraught and frumpy Laura decides to start running after she takes part in a mums race at school at which her husband is on the sidelines smirking with his gorgeous work colleague.  She meets a new running buddy and her world starts to change…  For the rest of the story you are just going to have to get the book.

In a twist that I am sure Fiona was hoping for, I have also started running – something I have not done since high school, and even then it was under duress.  Not my suggestion but that of another friend, we now try to run 3 times a week around child commitments, which is not always easy so often ends up being once or twice.  However, we are building up to do more running than walking now and can even chat some of the time.  At the end of her book, Fiona gives 15 reasons that running is brilliant – my favourite at the moment being ‘No.12 It’s also brilliant for tension’.  I can definitely vouch for that – no matter what else is going on, we both feel much better after plodding our 2 miles.

OK, so it hasn’t completely changed my life, yet, but I am starting to regain the confidence I once had and making small changes so that I can live my life to the full.  So, thank you Fiona Gibson and next time you are in my attic you will encounter a much happier, healthier and confident Mum on the run…


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