Back into Balance

I usually find myself helping other people to bring a sense of balance to their lives through crystal therapy.  But this past month I have really had to do some work on bringing my own life back into balance.


Often we become caught up in one area of our lives and forget to take care of the others.  This is OK if we bring ourselves back into balance quickly, but if we neglect ourselves, our families or our community for too long we soon feel that we are lacking something.

And so for my wake up call…  I usually do not get migraines, in fact I have only had one in my entire life that I remember, but this week I was off to bed at 7pm with my second one.  I know what it was about too – I have been working extremely hard to fulfill all of my commitments and just forgot about looking after me!  The balance was just not there.  I was run down, worn out and fed up with it all.

Luckily I am usually pretty good at taking the time it requires to get myself working effectively and happily and so took my own advice and spent yesterday looking after my own needs.  I got a haircut, sorted through some old photos, caught up with friends online and just did the things that made me feel good.

The result is that today I am ready to tackle my responsibilities for my business, for my family, for the charities I am involved in and also for my clients – but most of all, remembering to take time out each and every day to keep my life balanced and in check.

Have a wonderful and inspiring week!


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