Giving Peace

As a Crystal Therapist I have slowly but surely gotten used to giving myself the time I need to balance my own energies and restore a sense of peace in my life.  It is helped by working in such a relaxing way with my clients and having to be at my best to help them.

But it was a comment a few weeks ago that really made me realise how far I had come and how much I can continue to help those who come and see me.  A friend who will admit she finds it very hard to relax came to see me and said “I can justify relaxing when I come to see you and am paying for the experience, but I would never think of doing it at home”.  The fact that total relaxation only feels right because it has been scheduled in made me realise just how fast things move in our busy lives – and I live out in the gorgeous British countryside!

In response, I have started sending out little text reminders to my clients once a week to remind them to find at least 5 minutes in their busy day to relax and enjoy this wonderful world.  Whether it is sitting in the car before collecting the kids from school or taking their lunch to a local park instead of sitting at their desks, even those 5 minutes can bring a greater sense of peace to our hectic daily lives.

Have a great week & remember to take your 5 minutes too…


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